Internationally acclaimed recording artists Sparks, brothers Ron and Russell Mael, have released 22 creatively bold albums since their debut in 1972.

Moving to London from their native Los Angeles in 1974, Sparks released their influential album Kimono My House, which quickly became a worldwide phenomenon, setting the tone for the band’s creative output to follow.

Since that time, Sparks have created a unique musical legacy both on record and in live performances. Their highly visual stage presentations have been viewed throughout the world, including stops in Japan’s Fuji Rock Festival. London’s Royal Festival Hall, and the 2011 LA Film Festival. The band also played to sell-out crowds in London, performing all 21 of their albums in their entirety in 21 consecutive nights.

Sparks have been cited as a major influences on musicians as varied as Morrissey, Bjork, The Ramones, Faith No More, Sonic Youth, and Nirvana.

Sparks 22nd album, The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman, was originally commissioned in 2009 by the Swedish National Radio SR as a musical radio drama. Since the time of its critically acclaimed airings, plans are now under way for the musical to be adapted not only for a live theatrical presentation, but also for a feature film to be directed by Ron and Russell Mael.


Peter Franzén was born in Lapland, Finland, a sleigh-ride away from Bergman’s Sweden.

As Finland’s premiere contemporary movie, television and theatre actor, Peter has appeared in more than 50 films and TV-productions in Finland, Sweden, the USA, and Europe. He has won three Finnish Film Academy Awards, as well as awards from film festivals around Europe.

He has appeared in leading roles in Finnish box office hits such as Ambush, Bad Boys – the True Story (more than 10% of the population of Finland saw the movie in theaters), Lovers and Leavers, Dog Nail Clipper, Hellsinki. His American TV credits include CSI:Miami and True Blood, and he has been seen in such films as Renny Harlin’s Cleaner and Anne Norda’s Red Is the Color of...

Peter began his acting studies at The Theatre Academy of Helsinki, Finland, in 1991. His favorite theatre credits include the role of Nick in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, McCann in Harold Pinter’s The Birthday Party, and Romeo in Romeo and Juliet.

In 2010 he appeared in three Finnish films and published a best-selling novel, "On Dark Waters". In 2013 the novel was been adapted by Peter into a feature film, which Peter directed and starred in. It was a critical and public success. 2015 saw Peter co-star with Sean Penn and Javier Badem in The Gunman. Peter is currently filming in Ireland for a recurring role in the History Channel's "Vikings".

Since 2014, Peter and his wife, celebrated Finnish film actress Irina Björklund, have lived in France.


Karla Stojaková
Axman Production
Mobile phone: +420 603 553 915
Email: karla@axmanproduction.com

After graduating from FAMU, Karla founded her independent film production company Axman Productions, co-founded service production company Film Kolektiv, and founded FILMASIA, the first Czech festival of Asian cinema. She was selected “Producer on the Move” for the 2014 Cannes IFF, and is member of Ateliers du Cinéma Européen (ACE) and the Czech Producer´s Association (APA). Her selected filmography includes ODE TO MY FATHER (Line Producer, 2014), CORN ISLAND (Co-Producer, 2014, Crystal Globe Karlovy Vary IFF 2014, Georgian Oscars entry), LOUSY BASTARDS (Producer, 2014), LIFE IN A FISHBOWL (Co-Producer, 2014, Icelandic Oscars entry), CERN OR THE FACTORY FOR ABSOLUTE (Producer, 2014), NORMAL THE DUSSELDORF RIPPER (Producer, 2009), DAMAS DE BLANCO (Producer, 2008), NEVER BEEN BETTER (Producer, 2006), RESTART (Producer, 2005), LOVES IN PRAGUE (Line Producer, TV drama series, 2005), and other films.

Tomáš Prášek
Mobile phone: +420 607 885 331
Email: tomas.prasek@eventival.com

Tomas turned his experience with the Prague and Karlovy Vary film festivals into a successful business venture by creating Eventival, a film festival support company and the provider of the world’s most popular film festival management software. He also co-founded two festivals: EuroConnections, a concert series running in Prague since 1998, and MOFFOM (2004-2008). A longtime admirer of the musical originality and artistic integrity of Sparks, Tomas met Ron and Russell Mael in 2012 and set out to produce their "The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman". Prior to his work in film and music, Tomas taught English in Bangkok and worked as a freelance translator and writer. He graduated from the Faculty of Law at Charles University in Prague and studied cultural anthropology at the University of Amsterdam.

John Caulkins
Executive Producer

John began producing films in 2007 after five years of running Music on Film – Film on Music (MOFFOM), a music-themed film festival in Prague. He has since participated in the making of dozens of films, primarily arts documentaries. Recent hits include the Oscar-shortlisted “Keep On Keepin' On” (2014) and “Rolling Papers” (2015). Upcoming releases include “Are We Not Men?” about the band DEVO, “The Human Touch” about the artist Andy Goldsworthy, in addition to portrait documentaries on Afrika Bambaataa and John Gary Williams of “The Mad Lads”. John divides his time between Prague and Los Angeles.

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