L.A. Weekly: It'll be intriguing to see how a full-fledged film of the production will transform. If it's got just a teensy bit of the sheer invention and vitality of this version, it oughtta be a triumph.

Film Radar: The dreamlike nature of the story should translate well to the screen...

Cinedelphia: A remarkable musical and a memorable experience thanks to Sparks, and the L.A. Film Fest. I’m excited at the prospects of having a new favorite film in the near future.

Huffington Post: The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman is a one-of-a-kind entertainment. Love listening to it, loved it live, can't wait to see the film version.

Slant Magazine: ...Sparks make a convincing argument that the subsequent film—which will undoubtedly screen at a future Los Angeles Film Festival—will be an intensely fascinating product from a group of offbeat talents. It's a collaboration the real Bergman would have smiled upon.

L.A. Record: The Seduction of Ingmar Bergman is a work of genius.


“This is a bold, major work – as compelling and original as anything in their brilliant career”
- The Guardian

“It’s hard to think of a braver act. Fearlessly brilliant, brilliantly fearless.”
- The Evening Standard

“An alluringly barmy and glamorous affair; a fascinating folly from two endearingly inventive oddballs. A classic dark fairytale”
- The Times

“The marriage of music and lyrics is flawless”
- Wire

“Funny, tragic, frightening and thoughtful, all at once. Sharply scripted and scored with scrupulous intelligence. It may well turn out to be the pinnacle of Sparks’ career”
- The Independent

“An engrossing and enriching piece”
- Independent On Sunday

“A genuinely exciting piece of music, awe-inspiring, completely brilliant”
- The Word

“The Seduction Of Ingmar Bergman, is their greatest work”
- Notion

“The Seduction” underlines Sparks’ greatness and importance. A classic dark fairytale”
- Record Collector

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